Take back the spotlight in your career by prioritizing your health as you make big moves.

now that's some serious main character energy.

What do you get when you cross a

health-conscious entreprenuer

with an


you get emma.

Acting and health coaching might feel like totally separate paths, but they have a ton in common. As an actress, I’m always putting my best foot forward, embodying characters, and adapting like crazy to an evolving industry. 

As a career woman, you’re doing the same. Wearing all those hats and building a personal brand that makes you proud. Your lifestyle is not ordinary, and you need a health coach who just gets it. 

Bring on the non-traditional lifestyle! We’re about to make health and fitness work for your life. 




When you’re on screen, your radiance is your everything. Same with your career. The first step isn’t the body or the protein. It’s the confidence. Tune into this Confidence Workshop and start shining before you even do a crunch. 

It’s time to stop putting your health on the back burner. You can be wildly successful at work AND thrive both mentally and physically. 

Let's partner up. Judgement-free zones that meet you where you are. Feeling incredible is only a few steps away. 


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Before working with Emma, I had zero concept of what a balanced diet could look like. I was either cutting all carbohydrates or binging them, and there was no in-between. During our 6 months of time together, Emma showed me how to make progress towards my goals while *also* enjoying all the foods; bread, pasta, ice cream, & pizza included. I'm done with diet culture for good! 

sarah kleist, brand & web designer   |   1:1 client

is a

freaking godsend."

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Journey of


The empowered woman isn't all matcha and Lulu leggings. (Try and
find bougie leggings in my closet – I dare you.) Life is tough sometimes
and keeping up a health routine AND a thriving career – it’s borderline
impossible some days. 

The Empowered Journey of You lets you hear the unfiltered stories of
people who are navigating a non-traditional lifestyle, crushing hurdles,
and forging their own paths. 

Tune in to find your version of empowered. It’s time you come back to
her. Because she never actually left. 


I'm Emma.

I’ve always been an athlete. So when I grew up and realized I didn’t have to sprint like a cheetah on the reg or lift a car to be successful – my version of fitness changed. By tuning in to my body, finding balance, and creating a sustainable fitness routine, I found my passion. 

In a world that always tells women how to look, I help them discover how they want to feel. Because when you are in a body that’s radiating confidence and have a genuine love of life – you’re able to step into your best self and propel your career forward. 

Now, I combine my career as an actress with my experience as a health coach to empower women to step into their personal spotlights. Because when you combine self-love and acceptance with your dream body – you’re ready to take on the world. 

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