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Hey there, I'm Emma!

My mission as an artist, entrepreneur and human is to share love, peace and laughter with the world through telling stories of traditionally underrepresented characters on screen and stage, and through health and confidence coaching inside my company, EMpower Training. I believe life is truly an adventure.

Through understanding ourselves and others more deeply, we each can live a life full of purpose to better our communities and make our biggest dreams a reality. 

Reels & Media Clips

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Lana & Emmy is a heartfelt buddy comedy about two unconventional roommates.

Filmmaking, Directing, Producing 

Through a series of adventures, and then facing the reality of their new lives without one another, they come to discover that their friendship held the meaning that they were looking for all along.

What started as a 6-part web series turned into a short film based on the same storyline, and we are so excited to release it into the world.

Created by and starring first time filmmakers Lani Stait and Emma M. Terrazas as Lana and Emmy, with Jaden Morelli as Director of Photography.

Let’s create magic and spread more connection in this world.

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