Find your healthy. Light up your life and business. 

With luxe 1:1 health coaching, you can prioritize your wellness, make sustainable changes, and skyrocket your confidence. 


It’s time to give

You did the hard part. You grew a successful business or climbed that career ladder like a boss. But while you were taking a hammer to the glass ceiling, you looked down and realized, ‘oops, I think I left my health on the floor.’ Skipping workouts, grabbing random snacks between Zoom calls, and sacrificing sleep for brainstorming. 

It’s tough to balance propelling your career forward AND prioritizing your health. 

But I KNOW you have it in you to crush your health goals just like you’re crushing your career goals. You just need someone who gets it, so you can create a healthy routine that works for your lifestyle.

some of that go-getter energy.

Your most radiant self called.

she wants you back.

Here’s the thing about health and business. They’re totally connected. When you look good and feel good, you show up confidently. You accept the massive speaking opportunity. You raise your prices. You ask for the promotion. Unfortunately, though, we often put all our energy in the ‘grow a career’ basket and then leave our radiance on the table. 

And you should never split the difference. You deserve to have it all. 


Your glow-up is

When you invest in health coaching, you will go...

✓ Pouring all of your energy into your work, family, and relationships



✓ Balancing your priorities so no aspects of your life get neglected 

✓ Falling off track during workout plans and quick-fix diets

✓ Creating sustainable health habits that lead to lasting results 

✓ Spending hours on fitness routines that don’t give you the body you want (looking at you, cardio

✓ Focusing on results-driven workouts that fit into your lifestyle 

✓ Skipping foods you love to eat in the name of maintaining a certain image

✓ Letting chocolate, bread, and wine back into your life again 

✓ Struggling to be productive each day  

✓ Prioritizing your goals and effortlessly achieving what you need to do to make them happen 

✓ Disconnecting yourself from your mental, physical and emotional health

✓ Creating an integrated lifestyle that lets you feel incredible in every area 

✓Chasing perfectionism and feeling deflated when you slip up

✓ Being realistic and celebrating the sustainable changes that you’re making

✓Putting your health on the backburner 

✓ Finding routines that feel good and set you up to do the things you’re always meaning to do 




Luxe 1:1 health coaching packages that revitalize your mental, physical and emotional well-being. This way, you can thrive in your career while looking and feeling really freakin’ good. 

what to expect

When we work together, you can expect a                    health makeover. 

One that transforms the way you feel about yourself, redefines your relationship with your body, and makes you feel incredible. 

Inside your 1:1 package, you will receive: 


Personalized Workouts

No run-of-the-mill Pinterest workouts in this part of town. By carefully looking into your goals, you’ll get custom workouts that seamlessly fit into your lifestyle and help you efficiently craft the body you want. 

A Flexible, Custom Macro Plan + Education

Food should feel fun. No bland chicken and unsalted spinach when you work with me. By using macros, you can maintain your flexibility by eating your favorite foods AND still see results. You’ll learn how to fuel your body, so you can do whatever you want to do. It’s a life skill and trust me, cookies can stay on the menu. 

Ritual Creation

Routines and habits have gained a lot of buzz lately. That’s because when you do something on auto-pilot, it gets way easier. By creating morning and evening rituals, you can effortlessly step into the person you want to be every day. 

Weekly 1:1 Coaching Calls 

Accountability. Tough love. An empathetic space. That’s what you can expect in your coaching calls. We’re going to dig deep, untangle beliefs that are holding you back and make concrete plans for how you’re going to crush your goals.

Weekly Check-ins 

By using an organized check-in sheet to track your progress, I can comment and help you out every single week. This way, you never feel like you’re ‘falling off’ the healthy train. I’ll help you get right back on. 

24/5 Access to Me 

When we team up, I’m your partner. Voice note me whenever you have a concern or celebration. I’m here for the real. Because when you have a neutral person who wants nothing but the healthiest for you, you thrive. 

Powerhouse women who said ‘yes’ to themselves 

"If you’re on the fence, the return on investment is going to be more than you ever thought possible.

It’s impossible to go through it without making life changes. I feel like a new me.  I felt validated throughout the whole process."

"I look at the person I was before working with Emma and the person after, and I was like, this is not even the same woman.

Working with Emma was honestly one of the most empowering and impactful experiences I've ever had in my life. She helped me with my food and my eating but I think what the most powerful thing is… she helped me with my mind. She helped me make crazy life pivots. Pivots in my business, in my personal relationships, and it’s amazing."

"Give Emma and her process a try and make an investment in yourself."

You will not be dissatisfied with her direction. She has a personal touch and Emma genuinely cares about your success in all areas of your life.

—virginia, assistant vice president

"Emma was so much more than my coach; she was my mentor, biggest cheerleader, and more importantly, my friend.

I've learned to stop beating myself up and LOVE my body and how good it's been to me and also how to push through my own excuses and assumed limitations.... and for that I'm so grateful.


"Unlike other programs I've completed, Emma's program places a healthy emphasis on self love and mental healthfulness.

Whether you've been slacking on your workouts, have never put thought into your diet, or have been struggling with self love, her program resets all aspects of your journey toward change."

-katie  |  attorney

"I just want to thank you, because without your help, I may have never gotten to this place with my health.

I care so much more about how I feel than before I met you. You certainly changed the course of my life by being someone who modeled healthy behavior as a form of empowerment."

-abby  |  title ix investigator

"I have never exercised consistently and had no hope that it would ever change. That's because I hadn't met Emma.

The most powerful thing about this program is that it acknowledges that each person has their own, unique goals. It's not about what others are doing or what the fitness industry wants you to do—it's about who you want to be.

-michael |  author, design leadership

let's do this!

timeline: 1 month

- A 90-minute health goal-setting call 
- Customized macro plans and coaching 
- Personalized workouts 
- Mid-way check-in call 
- 24/5 Voxer access 

you will receive...

timeline: 3-6 MONTHS

- A 90-minute health goal-setting call 
- Customized macro plans and coaching every month
- Personalized workouts that adapt with you 
- Weekly check-in calls 
- Weekly check-ins 
- 24/5 Voxer access 

you will receive...

investment: $1,500

Investment: $8,000/6 Months   |   $4,500/3 months

*payment plans available

Are you the right fit? 

The benefits of health coaching will propel you to next-level confidence, relationships, career success, and mindset shifts. 

And I know you’re going to be perfect for a health makeover if you are...
  • Crushing it in your career, but putting your health on the backburner 
  • Trying to eat well and workout but always falling off a few weeks in 
  • Dreaming of a world where you love your body and feel incredible 
  • Making BIG moves in business and want your health to propel you even further 

You have one body and one life. You deserve a body you adore and a life you             



I'm Emma.

I’ve always been an athlete. So when I grew up and realized I didn’t have to sprint like a cheetah on the reg or lift a car to be successful – my version of fitness changed. By tuning in to my body, finding balance, and creating a sustainable fitness routine, I found my passion. 

In a world that always tells women how to look, I help them discover how they want to feel. Because when you are in a body that’s radiating confidence and have a genuine love of life – you’re able to step into your best self and propel your career forward. 

Now, I combine my career as an actress with my experience as a health coach to empower women to step into their personal spotlights. Because when you combine self-love and acceptance with your dream body – you’re ready to take on the world. 

Invest in your health. The ROI is unreal. 

When you feel your best and radiate from the inside, you will...

✓ Fearlessly go for opportunities you KNOW you can crush 
✓ Wake up with more energy and glow through your day 
✓ Find balance among work, people, and yourself 
✓  Look great and feel even better 

And let’s also talk about the fact that when you show up, take care of yourself and shine unapologetically – you’re giving other women the permission to do the same. 

Take that, patriarchy!

you got this!

timeline: 1 month

- A 90-minute health goal-setting call 
- Customized macro plans and coaching 
- Personalized workouts 
- Mid-way check-in call 
- 24/5 Voxer access 

you will receive...

timeline: 3-6 months

- A 90-minute health goal-setting call 
- Customized macro plans and coaching every month
- Personalized workouts that adapt with you 
- Weekly check-in calls 
- Weekly check-ins 
- 24/5 Voxer access 

you will receive...

investment: $1,500

Investment: $8,000/6 Months | $4,500/3 months

*payment plans available

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