hi there, i'm

To empower women to step into their spotlights, embrace the life they want, thrive in their careers, and feel healthy AF while doing all of it. 

many titles. one mission.

And when I’m not doing that, you can bet I’ll be practicing lines for my next on-screen badass. 

Grab your favorite water bottle. 

it's storytime.

My fitness journey started when I was an athlete. I played every sport under the sun growing up, and played lacrosse in college. So when that ended, I was like, ‘well sh*t, I no longer have a built-in fitness routine in my life.’ Time to hit the drawing board. 

I loved being strong. Strong is the new sexy, am I right? But it made it hard to fit in sometimes because I didn’t feel particularly ‘girly’, and I sure as heck did not like the societal standard that women have to be ‘skinny’ to be beautiful. 


I had to find a

And I had ALL of the intentions. But a rough post-college breakup switched off my fun-loving self and made me feel self-conscious and anxious. Suddenly this ‘find a fitness routine’ journey turned into an ‘I need myself back.’ 

So I climbed. I did the inner work and mindfully moved. I embraced the hurdles, let myself feel, and didn’t just get myself back. I got her back and THEN SOME. 

healthy lifestyle

that would

let me grow my career and thrive emotionally, mentally, & physically. 

Health is more than just a six-pack and some Michelle Obama arms. It’s tuning in to your body’s needs and stepping
into a life you            


And now, I’m rocking my multi-passionate resume. 

You can bet I charged into my acting dreams head-on.

When confidence came knocking at my door again, I knew this was my chance to get out there. I want to be an actress. And once I got over all the ‘no’ voices in my head and the subtle messaging that said I had to choose one thing…

Nothing breaks my heart more than watching a woman play small based on self-doubt, fear, and frustration with her body.

When we team up, I don’t hold anything back. With an empathetic space and a focus on holistic health – we’re lighting you up with radiance. 

And as an actress…I know a thing or two about stepping into your spotlight and shining unapologetically. 
Your light is waiting for you. It always has been. Now you just need to find it and leap. 

where to next?

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